Even with all of the progress we’ve made – expanding employment, growing our population, and attracting and growing a dynamic business and development community during the economic expansion – there is still more work to be done, especially in light of the risks and challenges we face at the state legislature and the federal level.

We’ve spent time together in the neighborhoods, schools, small businesses and parks to understand the challenges that residents face, and to find solutions that are responsive and equitable. My office has remained dedicated to constituent service to make sure our city’s resources are in alignment with the needs and expectations of residents from all walks of life regardless of race, age, gender, orientation, identity, disability, citizenship, or housing status.

We’ve worked to maintain oversight and accountability in all city operations. The foundation of our city’s operations is a professional and dedicated workforce that performs their duties in line with our city’s values.

We’ve made significant progress on issues affecting your everyday lives, from the biggest investment in our streets and our parks in decades, to advancing earned sick and safe time and advancing the Working Families Agenda, to placing a renewed focus on equity in all city operations.

I have delivered on the issues of affordable housing finance and development, worked to end homelessness – one person at a time, advocated for robust multi-modal transit options, increased support for bicyclists as well as pedestrians, championed our move to single-sort and organics recycling, and been involved in leading many green and open space initiatives.

During my time as your council member, we have resurfaced more than 50 miles of Ward 11 streets, re-lined miles of neighborhood water lines, reconstructed Lyndale Avenue and its bridge spanning the creek, and added new bike lanes and facilities along 17th and 12th Avenues, the Nokomis-Minnesota River Regional Trail, Park, Portland and Chicago Avenues, E 60th Street, 54th Avenue, Diamond Lake, Nicollet, with more to come in the next year on Bloomington Avenue.

I have led the City’s efforts in working with the Metropolitan Airports Commission, FAA, and federal & state representatives to improve relationships and minimize noise at the MSP Airport, as well as ensuring local input to the environmental impacts of flight route.

  • A City of Equity
    My vision for Minneapolis is to be a city where disparities are nonexistent and all people have opportunities for success.
I promise to fight tirelessly for the families of our Ward, and of the City, and ensure all residents of Minneapolis are welcomed, treated fairly, and able to provide for themselves and their families.
  • A Safe Place to Call Home
    Together we can make Minneapolis a city where all people have access safe, decent, and affordable housing. A city where everyone has access to the services needed to prevent the cycle of homelessness.
  • Public Safety, Public Trust
    We must continue to invest in public safety – but also change the center of gravity on what public safety is. Public safety is racial equity training, anti-bias training, body cameras, early intervention training, and procedural justice training. It is hiring firefighters and police officers who look like and live in the communities they serve. Most of all, it is about working with residents, community organizations, non-profits, neighborhood groups, schools, and churches to rebuild trust
and understanding.
  • A Thriving Small and Local Business EnvironmentI have championed and will continue to champion the needs of our very robust and thriving small business community. I worked hard to ensure that the 2017 budget created a small business team, staffed with navigators
who will work to align and/or reorganize small business touch points across the enterprise. This will help our culture change to a city of Yes, and help nurture and support small businesses to start, grow, and stay in Minneapolis.
  • A Livable Community
    Ward 11 is a vibrant community and
I am committed to making our neighborhoods even better. I will continue to fight for investments in our roads, parks, bike trails, recycling programs, and our efforts to address airplane noise.


 John has been honored to serve as the City Council Member for the Eleventh Ward since 2010. As an experienced, hard-working and veteran leader on the Minneapolis City Council, he looks forward every day to having the opportunity to serve constituents, shape long-term sustainable public policy and oversee the dedicated employees and city departments serving us all.

John Quincy, along with his wife Anne of 32 years and sons Sam and Joe, is proud to call Minneapolis home since 1994. As a family, they have dedicated themselves to improving the lives of others through a variety of community-based organizations and experiences. Anne is a supervising attorney for Minneapolis Legal Aid. Sam is currently a middle school Social Studies teacher for Minneapolis Public Schools and Joe recently completed his degree from the University of Minnesota, with a degree in food sciences and is working on local urban organic farms.

Prior to his 2009 election to the City Council, Quincy was a marketing services consultant – providing market research, database, and communications services. He was previously Director of Marketing Services for a Lakewood Publications/Nielsen Business Media in Minneapolis. Prior to moving to Minneapolis, John worked for the American Marketing Association in Chicago in numerous capacities including the Director of Periodical Publishing and as AMA’s Director of Conferences and Exhibits.

On the Minneapolis City Council, John was elected DFL Majority Leader by his colleagues and serves as Chair of both the Ways and Means and the Budget Committees. He also serves on the Claims (Vice Chair), Community Development & Regulatory Services, Committee of the Whole, Rules & Elections, Taxes and the Public Safety, Civil Rights and Emergency Management committees. John also serves on the Board of Estimate & Taxation Committee and Internal Audit Committee in his capacity as Ways & Means Chair.

In addition, he represents the City of Minneapolis as the appointed Board Member for the I-35 Solutions Alliance Committee, Meet Minneapolis, Joint City County Lead Task Force, the Noise Oversight Committee, the Family Housing Fund and is on the Executive Committee for Heading Home Hennepin.

John is a member of the Democratic Municipal Officers Association, Government Finance Officers Association and is the First Vice President for National Association to Insure a Sound Controlled Environment (N.O.I.S.E.), that serves for as America’s only nation-wide, community based association, committed to reducing the impact of aviation noise on local communities.

Education Background:

Master in Business Administration (MBA)
Marketing Major, Association Management Concentration
DePaul University, Chicago, IL 1992

Bachelor of Science in Business Administration (BSBA)
Marketing Major, Finance Concentration
Creighton University, Omaha, NE 1984

Involvement in Community Organizations:

aMaze – Board member and treasurer

Kids Vote Minneapolis – Board member and treasurer

St. Stephen’s Catholic Community – Parish Council Chair, Legislative Advocacy Project, Shelter Volunteer

Joint Religious Legislative Coalition – Network Member/Advocate Editor of monthly e-newsletter

Minneapolis Public Schools – District Parent Advisory Committee Co-Chair, MPS DPAC Area B Co-Chair, District Parent Advisory Committee member, Field Community School PTA Chair; Site Council member and other volunteer positions

RT Rybak
RT RybakFormer Mayor of Minneapolis
“John is an experienced, smart, progressive leader who has been a dedicated advocate and champion of affordable housing in our city. He played an integral role in the massive growth and development we’ve seen in Minneapolis over the past seven years. Join me in supporting him for reelection!”
Jean Wagenius
Jean WageniusState Representative
“John Quincy has been a consistent voice for supporting working families in Ward 11. From affordable housing and homeless prevention, to preserving our environment, to supporting our children, John knows what it takes to build strong families and sustainable communities.”
Scott Dibble
Scott DibbleState Senator
“John brings a passion for social justice, equity, equality, and opportunity to the council and has been a key part of making Minneapolis a great city that is a wonderful place to live. I enthusiastically support his reelection.”


Working Families Agenda

Working Families Agenda

Partnering with working families and small businesses alike, we passed a Sick and Safe Time ordinance that will improve public health, support the local economy, and create a more equitable standard of basic working conditions for all.

Rebuilding Our Infrastructure

Rebuilding Our Infrastructure

Working with the Mayor, Park Board, and fellow Council Members, we made the largest ever investment in our streets and parks. We resurfaced more than 50 miles of Ward 11 streets, re-lined miles of neighborhood water lines, reconstructed Lyndale Avenue and its bridge, and added new bike infrastructure throughout the ward.

Investing in the Future

Investing in the Future

To ensure that everything we do 
at the City considers the impact on our children and offers them the best future possible, we developed Minneapolis’ first Youth Cabinet. We also continued to support the Youth Coordinating Board, promoting kindergarten readiness, high school graduation, violence prevention, and safe and healthy out of school time.

Record-setting Development

Record-setting Development

2016 marked the 5th consecutive year that Minneapolis topped $1 billion in construction permits, including over 2,500 new dwelling units. Small businesses in Ward 11 continue to grow and thrive.



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